January 2018 Music Notes

“Fasten your seat belts – it’s going to be a bumpy ride” is possibly what should be said at the beginning of a New Year (thanks Bette Davis)….because you never know what is going to come your way, and who is (still) going to be with you at the end of the year! The good, bad, ugly and everything in between, I’d say.

Another New Year is dawning and I’m revving up for musical action yet again. Reflection is always good, and in the process of manifesting ideas for the year ahead I know I need to conserve valuable energy and clear out the chattel that no longer serves me. As a starting point, there’s a pile of old saxophone reeds and that pair of socks I’ve had since xmas 1976 which definitely need to go (or do they, as they are miraculously still intact).

Being no spring chicken, and with another year hatching, I am reminded yet again that the seemingly chaotic musician’s lifestyle I have chosen is simply not a rehearsal: Come on Shrubshall! – take the plunge ……prioritise your multifarious projects and commit to pushing through with the truly important stuff – whatever that might be. And that’s just it…..how do you choose, with the world on offer?!

2017 saw me raising money and awareness for charities and worthy causes with my work, which has been a brilliant and fulfilling experience (and will always be part of what I do – don’t worry St Michael’s Church!). But in a recent light bulb moment I’ve realised that I’m pretty knackered now, so perhaps one of the worthwhile causes I could support in 2018 might even be ME! Good grief – I already feel desperately racked with guilt for even thinking such a thing……but surely
I’m not alone? A good friend once made a comment to me that I have a first class honours degree (with bells on) in being “nice” and “supportive to others”. Could it be time to refocus this quality and energy inward, to realise my worth, my musical talents, and to manifest my dreams too? Believing in them and seeing them through….and raising some financial reward for myself at the same time? Hmm…. life coaching by osmosis (well it is everywhere these days). I feel a list coming on:

1) A Women in Business course – tick
2) An inspirational mentor (offers still being considered for this – all my artist friends in Germany seem to have one!)
3) Talented creative collaborators – tick, tick, tick, tick
4) A talented website updater – tick
5) An amazing audio editor – tick
6) A fabulous holistic masseur – tick

Maria wisely advised the Von Trapp family: “Let’s start at the very beginning” and I reckon the above list serves this function rather well? Perhaps even enough to get my sense of purpose bubbling strongly to the surface, alongside a large glass of celebratory Prosecco. Additionally, I’m hunkering down and feeling decidedly robust against the ferocious winter winds that are currently blowing. And the metaphorical winds will no doubt continue to test my emotional balance and resilience this year!

So, with a mindful inhalation followed by a heartfelt whoop of joy I now proclaim: Let all the “nice” people of Thorpe-le-Soken unite together and decide to focus on what we really want to do in 2018. Let the year where the Rooster gives way to the Dog truly be one for us to crow very proudly and loudly about! (Chinese New Year reference in case you think I’m ‘barking’…).

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