Barry Andrews

“I have worked with Catherine Shrubshall a number of times, but most notably when she played all the wind parts on the Shriekback album ‘Glory Bumps’ and later when she performed live with me in an improvised music event with the American poet Don Share.
These two occasions showed me what a full spectrum musician Catherine is. On ‘Glory Bumps’ she overdubbed tracked and harmonised parts with meticulous attention to detail, creating, essentially, a wind orchestra. This was a great contribution to the colour and scale of the album. On the live event she was a font of inventiveness, using her entire armoury of instruments to dazzle us with her endlessly inventive musical imagination. She was a delight to improvise with, being sensitive to the other players but confident enough to grab centre stage when necessary.
She is a personable and hilarious human, also, and a gas to have around. Give her what she wants.”