Mentoring Scheme

"Catherine has given me a love for jazz and improvisation. Im 17 now and i started saxophone lessons with Catherine when i was 8. She has helped to build my musical confidence and given me the opportunity to mentor her younger students which has improved my accompanying ability on the piano. I really look forward to lessons with Catherine despite having to get up early on Saturday mornings! I have a great relationship with Catherine and consider her a friend as well as a brilliant teacher.
Joe Van der Meulen (Student and Teaching Assistant)
"After 10 years of learning with Catherine, I still feel like I learn something new and improve every time I see her, be it my technique, my improvisation, my own teaching skills or my general musicality. More than that, she ignites a genuine passion for the instrument through her own passion and enthusiasm that is impossible not to get caught up in! I feel privileged to have learned with Catherine and have gained an invaluable source of musical support, as well as a friend.
Kayvon Nabijou (Student and Teaching Assistant)