Father's Footsteps ... Project Surprise

"A Musical Sketchbook"

Malta ~  Sicily  ~ Italy  ~ Germany ~ France  ~ England

‘Father’s Footsteps’ was a multi media exhibition documenting an artistic journey through Europe made in April 2006 but inspired by a homecoming journey made in 1956.

These sound clips are part of a collaborative composition by Catherine together with Francesca Hanley and Simon Allen.

The saxophones, clarinets, whistles, flutes, percussion and keyboards recall Catherine’s sensations and feelings in 2006 as she retraced the journey through Europe that her father made in 1956. Read more about the project and BBC Radio interview with Sandy Tovsvig here

A series of musical sketches are built around a haunting melody written in Malta, by Catherine, at the start of her journey. The theme is explored through many instrumental permutations and styles while each sketch evokes the sounds, emotions, textures and memories that Catherine experienced as she travelled.

Life on Venus

Jazz and Soul function band

Catherine Shrubshall -  Soprano and Tenor Saxophone | Amanda Jane Thirkell - Vocals | John Miller - Keyboards

Alberto's Tunes

3 of the tunes Catherine recorded as part of my grant for professional development from Help Musicians UK in 2011. They are compositions are by Alberto Poppolo.....featuring Catherine on Baritone Sax, Peter Shrubshall on Flute, Ben Reed on Drums and Alberto Popollo on Bass Clarinet.

Glory Bumps - Shriekback

Insomnia - Seven Pictures, Martin Pyne

Original improvised soundscapes featuring everything Catherine plays:



A live poetry and improvised music event, part of the Swindon Festival of Poetry 2014. An evening of poetry and readings by Don Share, with music by Barry Andrews, Jon Buckett, Catherine Shrubshall & Brendan Hamley. Includes a selection of highlights captured by Barry Andrews.

Out of the Cool - D. Heath

"A Breath Of Fresh Air 2" Concert
5th September 2015, Swinburne Hall, Colchester (UK)