Selected highlights from my varied and diverse performing career as a freelance musician and composer from 1983 to present...

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Catherine on Record


Innovative woodwinds fused with electronics and organic sound design

Richard Kett / Catherine Shrubshall

Archipelago (64bpm)
Exotic wind instruments coalesce in a colourful tropical paradise, sustained by delicate electronics

Murmuration (60bpm)
A spatial soundscape filled with surging woodwind

Shapeshifter (69bpm)
Dreamlike, eerie woodwinds with climactic guitars and spacious sound design

Mesmeric (93bpm)
Haunting, reflective woodwinds float amongst somniferous sound design

Fractal (60bpm)
Beautiful harmonies and patterns evolve, with flowing woodwind lines and haunting electronics

Drought (84bpm)
A languid world music cue featuring ethnic wind instruments. Parched, dusty & desolate

Monsoon (84bpm)
Ethnic wind instruments and uplifting sound design celebrate the long awaited rain

Palenque (60bpm)
A warped, distorted & decayed soundscape, with tortured woodwind and edgy electronics

Elixir (108bpm)
Early music woodwinds weave a story shrouded in mystery and secrecy, with a driving beat

Wildebeest (84bpm)
A frenzied, tribal saxophone stampede fused with dramatic sound design

Algones, Station Masters - Ben Reed

Ben Reed’s third album ‘Station Masters’, is a beautifully produced album infused with the Canterbury sound. It’s out now on Gare de Nord records. Catherine’s clarinet and bass clarinet are featured on the track “Allgones"

Martin Pyne - Seven Pictures

Original improvised soundscapes featuring everything Catherine plays:

 Glory Bumps - Shriekback

"On ‘Glory Bumps’ Catherine overdubbed tracked and harmonised parts with meticulous attention to detail, creating, essentially, a wind orchestra. This was a great contribution to the colour and scale of the album."

Barry Andrews - Shreikback Read More

Examples of Twelves Catherine Shrubshall

Examples of Twelves -Riaan Vosloo

"The latest edition of the larger Examples Of Twelves ensemble is a nonet with Vosloo, Hanslip and Giles joined by Ross Stanley on Rhodes, Tori Freestone on flute, Matthew Bourne on piano, Catherine Shrubshall on clarinet, Fulvio Sigurta on trumpet and flugelhorn and finally James Allsopp on tenor and baritone saxes plus bass clarinet. The album is produced by Vosloo and guitarist Benedic Lamdin, his colleague from the band Nostalgia 77"

Ian Mann

Trance Michael Gordon Catherine Shrubshall

Icebreaker - Trance

Catherine played this as a live performance on many occasions with Icebreaker, including New York's Lincoln Centre and the Purcell Room in London. Catherine also enjoyed recording this album at London's prestigious Abbey Road Studios.

"Trance is a kaleidoscope of pan-pipe melodies and provocative rhythms, and features Icebreaker's aggressively virtuosic sound."
- Greg Sandow, Wall Street Journal

Quoted from:


Terminal Velocity Catherine Shrubshall Gavin Bryars

 Icebreaker – Terminal Velocity

Catherine plays on all tracks of the album, however her Soprano Saxophone solo is featured on The Archangel Trip track by Gavin Bryars.

Izit Band Catherine Shrubshall


Catherine was a founder member of this Acid Jazz Band 'Izit' - there were many years of recording and touring all over the world including venues in London and New York. See the full 'Izit' discography here

IZIT Album Catherine Shrubshall Saxophone
IZIT Album Catherine Shrubshall Saxophone
IZIT Album Catherine Shrubshall Saxophone
IZIT Album Catherine Shrubshall Saxophone
IZIT Album Catherine Shrubshall Saxophone
IZIT Album Catherine Shrubshall Saxophone

Blow Job - The Powdered Rhino Horns

(Catherine & Peter Shrubshall plus guests)

"The Powdered Rhino Horns consist primarily of brother and sister Peter Shrubshall and Catherine Shrubshall. The Shrubshall's make an entire horn section between them; with Peter playing Tenor and Soprano sax as well as a variety of flutes, and Catherine playing Alto and Bari sax, clarinet, harmonica and recorder. They create their massive section sound by doing overdubs, which are repetitive recordings that are later mixed together by engineers. The Shrubshall's horn section was the backbone of Izit, a band that they formed with rhythm help and vocalists."


 Music, Sex and Mathematics - Mainstreet People

An early live and recording project in Catherine's career with members of 'Izit' and 'The Powered Rhino Horns',+Sex+&+Mathematics


Artist In Residence

Girl Maria Straw-Cinar

-  Darlington Summer School

Instrumentalist for the advanced composition course with Louis Andreissen

- Oval House Theatre, London

Composed and arranged incidental music for theatre productions at the “Oval House Theatre” in London

- The Chocolate Factory, Wood Green London

Modelling for an Artist collective including book cover session.



Classic FM

Educational programme featuring Vera Lynn (1987)

The Young Persons Concert Foundation (1988)

BBC Radio 3 

Live broadcast of Belfast Contemporary Music Festival, featuring 'Icebreaker' (1993)

Sinfonia Viva 

Freelance Saxophonist  (2007 - present)

The Road to Trio

Classical ensemble sponsored by The British Council

Royal National Theatre Productions | London Contemporary Dance Theatre | Random Dance Company (1983 - 2000)

Single Reed player in the pit and on stage.

Shobana Jeyasingh Dance Company (1983 - 2002)

Clarinetist and Saxophonist in locations including New York and Singapore and as part of a BBC Documentary.


London Kills Me Catherine Shrubshall
Swimming With Sharks Kevin Spacey Catherine Shrubshall

Soundtracks and Sessions

Catherine contributed to many recordings for various media including the following:

London Kills Me
(Handmade Films)

Swimming With Sharks (Keystone Film Partners)

The Crouches (BBC)

Later...With Jools Holland (BBC)

Live and Kicking (BBC)

Parallel 9 (BBC)

The Chart Show (BBC)

Orchestra Delle Donne Del 41esimo Parallelo (Rome 2012 - 2013)

Franco Ferguson Orchestra at Teatro Valle Occupato (Rome 2012 - 2013)

Mind the Gap (BBC Two 2014)