8th & 9th January 2019 (work life balance!)

These past 2 days have been spent happily in Suffolk…..feeding my soul with music, dance and panatoni. I’ve been hanging out at my friend Richard’s studio and mixing a new “her&her” meditation track during the day and then dancing tango in the evening (Richard and his tangolicious wife run classes in Martlesham – highly recommended if anyone’s interested in joining!). We also share a love of frothy coffee, cake and fine wines which we consume at appropriate times throughout the day

The first time Richard led me around the Milonga floor I was smitten – what an utter dream to behold, after enduring the staggering of several rhythmically challenged partners (no disrespect boys in the class if you are reading this – I’m exaggerating for literary effect!). It didn’t take long to find out about our shared appreciation of music and cake, and for our collaborative sessions in his studio to evolve. Now I’m round at Richard’s house so often I’ve been adopted as a sort of family pet, along with Dave the cat (whose silky voice underscores the new “her&her” meditation track “PURRRFECT” (cute video of Dave to be posted on our website soon! – album out later in year). I’ve even started bringing my mates over to stay now! Tangolicious Mandy is very accommodating to all the comings and goings in her house as Richard invites all these wild musicians in – strange instruments blocking the hallway, loud hoots and honks from the lounge, and a cake crumb trail from the kitchen!

Note of apology for Mandy – I’ll be over for yet another sleepover next week….. with Cydnei B this time (the other “her” of “her&her”). We’ll be making lots of noise – but we’ll be bringing an excellent choice of organic cakes to share!

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