7th February 2019 (Reverberations)

Feeling a bit spacey this evening….with memories of hearing Jan Garbarek’s haunting saxohone echoing impressively around St Paul’s Cathedral with the voices of the Hilliard Ensemble.

I’ve been recording a new clarinet track whilst having an extraordinary 8 second reverb in my headphones! This was in a bid to recreate the natural acoustics of a huge underground reservoir where I conceived the original idea. The dramatic acoustics of the subterranean space had inspired a new composition process for me….slow melodic lines flying around, creating an organic flurry of lush contrapuntal harmonies.

I was extolling the virtues of this amazing phonic experience to a friend….”That’s nothing Catherine…..I’ve recorded music in an American Cistern that held 2 million gallons of water. There’s a very smooth reverb in there that’s about 45 seconds long!”  Suddenly my 8 second echo seemed rather insignificant!! Nevertheless – I’m looking forward to sharing the track with you all when it’s finished…..



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