6th January 2019

The 2nd blog of my life as a “middle aged, and energetically challenged on a Sunday musician”

It’s been a long Sabbath (oh how I yearn for a “day of rest”), and I was finally settling down for some essential cat stroking relaxation therapy, and contemplating the joys of a “ready steady cook” supper – being creative with the scraps in the bottom of the fridge………..then without warning, my new friend Jennifer’s words came tumbling into my mind……after I sent her my first ever blog yesterday she replied “Great – looking forward to tomorrow’s!”

Hmm – as occurred yesterday re my internal blog conversation, there was a huge tussling in my brain……eventually the side that said with gusto “Just do it C!” held out for victory! Damn it

However, on reflection….I also decided to listen to my voice of reason and calmness (how grown up!) – “Let’s just write a few lines and remember that good enough is good enough!” (this advice thankfully often pings out at me these days, especially when I’m erring on what Cydnei B lovingly calls my “perfectionist martyr heading for exhaustion breakdown” side!)

Sooo – briefly….and I promise it really will be brief……this is some of what I’ve been up to today Jennifer!

• A vast Mexican folksong repertoire has been explored (my maraca playing wrists are seriously in training!)
• A her&her creative retreat in a caravan (or perhaps a boat) in Suffolk has been planned with Cydnei B for later in the month
• Our lovely assistant has been “on the case” with pictures of Dave the cat for the “Purrrfect” track
• The local bereaved and very lonely goat has been visited and chuggled under the chin
• I’m now an expert on the Mexican Revolution! (though that might be exaggerating somewhat!)

Will that do for tonight Jennifer? I promise to write again tomorrow with news of my training day in London – an early start with clarinet in hand for the 8.18 train from darkest Essex. Wish me luck as I’m a little nervous – but hey, let’s turn that around……”I’m excited”!!!

I look at my 2019 diary….”A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” Thanks Lao Tzu 

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