5th February 2019 (Pushing Boundaries)

Today I made some significant decisions regarding a creative problem that’s been brewing for several weeks. It had started to upset the balance of my life…..there was a nasty smell and the air was well overdue for clearing!

I realised the importance of being in a good emotional space for the dreaded conversation and looked around me for inspiration…a yoga class timetable on my desk caught my eye – there just happened to be a lunchtime session about to start. I trusted my intuition and grabbed my yoga mat.

Yay – the class description was accurate…..I came home serene and rested, confident that I could deal calmly with the situation in hand. I took a deep breath and made the call. I spoke slowly and tuned in to the responses…. both of us were expressing our feelings and artistic concerns openly and honestly. How relieved I was to find my words were not only listened to, but they were also appreciated!

Post phone call……reporting a positive outcome! I am supported to continue with my quest – to explore different approaches and choices with my delivery of this project. We both acknowledged that the creative process is rarely an easy journey, especially when you are pushing the boundaries of how something’s always been done. Brava Catherine!


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