1st February 2019 (Perspective)

A conversation with my brother this evening began with our usual playful banter….then he inquired about a part of my working life that I THOUGHT I was coping with pretty well. However, judging by the tears that began to overflow I clearly wasn’t! Hmm. Peter had recognised that I’d fallen in to an old habit…. dedicating myself to certain creative projects with such intensity that I was losing all perspective.

He gently pointed out that I was repeating an unhelpful  “leitmotif” that was well past it’s sell by date, and which was also taking me away from the joy of the new opportunities. So fixated was I on trying to do things how they’ve been done in the past and what I thought was expected of me that I had lost sight of what Catherine has to offer.

We decided it really is time to associate myself with a more positive recurrent theme from now on. I thought back to recording in the studio yesterday with Richard, where I expressed myself with ease and freedom. I trusted myself to discern what was needed in the music, adding my own ideas to the story.

Practising being who I am and not what someone else wants me to be is the way forward from now on! Thanks Peter.






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