16th January 2019

I’m sitting in the laid back café at “Dance East” in Ipswich, preparing to devour a delicious “vegan orzo, vegetable and falafel salad” – accompanied by a comforting cup of “organic lemon and ginger tea”. Proper dancer’s fare indeed! I’ve been working hard mingling my music with an uplifting dance programme here today –but now my energy supplies need some serious nutritional input. Excuse me while I have a refuelling munch……

That’s better – happy tummy! (NEVER underestimate the value of regular chomping time as part of the creative process). Hurrah – I’m feeling more alert again and able to begin reflecting on the incredible day I’ve had – prepping a collaborative class with charismatic dancer/choreographer Kate this morning ….and then delivering our ideas to the stellar “Dance for Parkinson’s” group here at the spacious contemporary Jerwood Space –right on the quayside (as I look around I’m thinking how fab it’ll be here on a warm summer evening – instead of the cold, blustery darkness that I’ll soon have to drag myself into, along with a whole slew of instruments – oh, and there’s torrential rain too!).

Ok – back in the room!….. and on the subject of rooms – Kate and I became initially very excited about being assigned a rehearsal studio called “The Retreat” ……however our faces dropped when we drew up the blinds to find our view was just a grey and dreary car park. After the tumbleweed had settled we got on with the job….we began pinging enlivening ideas around, and I noticed our space gradually transforming – a sunny morning was unfolding in a Mexican garden (where our project is set if that sounds a little random).  

Got to stop…..time to head off in to the aforementioned grimness of tonight’s weather to my tango class……..

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