15th January 2019 (Remembering Francesca Hanley)

Today is the 2nd year anniversary of the passing of Fran Hanley – a truly beautiful friend and the most amazing musician. I miss her incredibly. This is a tribute I wrote which I’d like to share…….

“Fran was always ready to break new ground in whatever she did, surprising everyone with her next move. Hearing her play was one of life’s great pleasures, however this was just a tiny part of what she had in store for us over the years. She was a fantastic interpreter of other people’s work, but also an instigator of amazing ideas of her own. Together we developed our musical relationship through improvisation and composition. We swapped instruments, invented new ones, sang backing vocals, dressed in strange costumes and danced wildly on stage. Fran the musician, collaborator, innovator, poet, educationalist, artist…..Fran was an inspiration and example to us all.”

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