12th & 13th January 2019

12th January

Today was AWESOME – I spent the day discussing dreams and desires for 2019 with a very inspiring group of motivated women. The room was sparkling with fabulous energy….and a soundtrack of energetic paper ripping, as we tore images from magazines to build our “vision board” collages. I came home proudly carrying my “work of art” – feeling like a child who’s been allowed to experiment with pictures, crayons and glue…..and at the same time like an adult who’s motivated and inspired to attain my goals. Thanks Jocelyn for leading us on this adventure and creating such a supportive new community for us all.

13th January

I very much appreciated the inquisitive company of my lovely Sunday student today – a young mother of 2 who brings such enthusiasm and wisdom to her lessons (along with her saxophone!). I am reminded about how the teacher is also the student – we just never stop learning if we are open to it. While briefly pondering on this I realised Rosie was peering at my “vision board” from yesterday’s PD session, which I’d unsuccessfully hidden behind a pile of music. “That looks cool” she commented….”I guess it’s by one of your kid students?” I laughed and explained it was all my own work! Rosie went home with a new articulation exercise to practise on her saxophone…..and a pile of old magazines to cut up!

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