11th January 2019

Today has involved intensive juggling…..of projects going in so many directions. There seemed too much for me to do, and I replaced yesterday’s Qigong inspired mood of relaxation with intense stress – the butterfly had closed her wings of transition and I hadn’t even stopped to breathe and notice. It took my ever-honest colleague Cydnei to snap me back into the present. During our catch up with “her&her” business I was droning on and on about what I hadn’t managed to achieve. Suddenly she intervened with great authority (I love it when she does this!): “Catherine – just listen….Stop! …….Stop and take stock….Marvel at all the amazing things you’ve accomplished this week instead of bewailing the things you haven’t got round to yet! Everything’s going brilliantly – sooo brilliantly infact that it’s high time we had a CELEBRATION!!” I laughed and admitted she was absolutely right…..infact – where’s that cheeky bottle of bubbly I was saving for something special? Here’s to my glass being half full now instead of the half empty one I was sipping from earlier. Thanks Cydnei ☺

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